Our Expertise

Powerful strategy for complex issues

We see our role as partners with our clients in shaping the future of their businesses and investments. Our skilled, multi-disciplinary legal team work collaboratively to develop solutions that achieve our clients’ business objectives, regardless of the shape or form that the problem takes.

We step in when our clients need us most – in transforming their business, protecting it from risk, and challenging threats.



Corporate Transactions

We work closely with our clients to identify and analyse new market opportunities, assess and manage risks, and structure complex transactions and commercial ventures which stand the test of time.

We scrutinize, analyse and vet every aspect of the deal, to give our clients the security to invest – knowing that their investment will give back real value, and make real business sense.

We keep our clients ahead of the game. The close relationships we have built through years of working together with key government ministries and regulatory entities gives us a unique insight into the shifting KSA regulatory framework, and the way in which administrative discretion is likely to be applied, so as to better identify and structure future opportunities.



Risk-Management and Strategy

We keep our clients’ businesses moving – even through their most challenging times.

Whether facing investigation from government bodies; breakdown of USD$ multi-billion dollar relationships; internal shareholder feuds; or threatened breaches of contract, we have helped our clients navigate the inter-connected legal, financial, commercial, strategic and public relations issues and come safely through to the other side.
Our lawyers know what is keeping our clients up at night. That is why we work closely with our clients to discuss and analyse the implications of events as they occur, brainstorm ideas, and develop robust solutions that are legally, financially and practically sound.



Commercial Litigation

We live our clients’ litigation, and take on their threats as our own.

We contemplate, analyse and evaluate all options, to develop and execute a clear litigation strategy that best achieves our clients’ business and financial objectives.

We recognize and overcome the complexities of conducting litigation within a legal system in which wide discretion is afforded to judges in their application of Shari’ah principles, official government decisions often go unpublished, and case precedents are neither officially binding nor publically available.

We have access to a substantial knowledge-base that is exclusive to our firm. Our lawyers, many of whom are ex-judges themselves, have close relationships with existing judges, and understand how each individual judge may respond to a particular issue. We have an internal database of over 29,000 judgments, painstakingly collated over the years from across the Kingdom, from which we can draw parallels to support our clients. Plus, our long-standing and successful litigation practice creates a wealth of experience that is unparalleled across the Kingdom.